IST Trainee program

IST Trainee program

The program 2016/17

The 18-month long trainee program is designed to give the 12 trainees as many opportunities as possible to “learn more” and will provide them with new insights and experiences from different business areas, departments, markets – and countries. 4 days a week the trainees are busy with regular tasks and 1 day a week they spend time on their specific trainee assignments. This way they will get to know IST, the people and get some one-the-job training. Teach trainee has been assigned a personal mentor who keeps track of their progress and takes on the role of a personal guide throughout the program. Besides working that one day a week on the project, the trainees are also attending several trainee modules, which will help them taking on their challenges and tasks in different ways than they usually would, boosting their creativity and innovative abilities.   

The project 2016/17

For the specific trainee project, the trainees are divided into three different groups with one, common mission – to create something of value for parents and students, paying extra attention to the communication and interaction between the home and school. The purpose of the project is to develop a service or an app in conjunction with IST Home. Each of the teams will come up with their own idea on how to take on this challenge and just like a start-up would, the team will have to pitch the idea. We’re looking forward to being presented with three great solutions – even though still in an early stage – by the end of this first IST Trainee program.

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