IST Communication

IST Communication is a tool that enables administrators and teachers to communicate with individuals or groups via e-mail or SMS in a very efficient way. The tool offers administrators and teachers an intuitive control panel to manage the messages going out to individuals and groups within the educational setting. Messages and quick updates can be distributed to a large number of students or guardians within a short period of time. Teachers and administrators are also able to send questions and get responses from students and guardians by utilizing IST Communication. By enabling quick access to groups, classes and individuals already defined by the organizational hierarchy at the preschool, school or other educational institution we secure efficient communication between administrators, teachers, students and guardians at all times.

Key Features of IST Communication

  • Communicate with groups and individuals
  • E-mail and/or SMS
  • Intuitive control panel and cost control
  • Communicate with groups and individuals
  • Post questions and get responses

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